The Spirit of St Teresa of Avila & the Discalced Carmelites

StTeresa of Jesus

Fr Eugene McCaffrey OCD shares a few words about St Teresa of Avila’s influence on our lives as Carmelites.

St Teresa of Avila is one of the great women of history – writer, reformer, foundress, doctor of the Church and saint of God.  Her influence, like her personality, is larger than life.

She challenged old ways, and created, out of her life and her reform, something new and beautiful for God.

She defended women and reformed men, walked with God and never lost the common touch, a would-be solitary who became an intrepid traveller, an artless writer of literary and spiritual gems and a reluctant saint who became mother of Carmel and doctor of the Church.


Fr Eugene McCaffrey Fr Eugene is currently part of the DIscalced Carmelite Community at Avila Carmelite Centre, Bloomfield Ave, Dublin 4, Ireland.