Is God Calling Me?

Is God Calling Me?


God calls each of us to live in love with him. We live that love in marriage or single life, in priestly or religious life.

A call to religious life can start with a sense of emptiness and a need for something more in life or an attraction to a life of deeper prayer and community. You may know someone in religious life and feel attracted to that way of life.

You may feel a call but do not really want to go there!

Perhaps it is not what you had planned for your life.
You may feel unworthy of a call to religious life. Do not be afraid!  Anyone who has ever contemplated a vocation to religious life, knows how challenging and frightening it can be.  All of us have walked this path and felt the vulnerability of not knowing what these feelings might mean for us.  But do not be afraid, a vocation to religious life, like any other worthy vocation is built on time, prayer, wisdom and friendship.  Take your time, there is no rush, talk to someone you trust, listen to your heart especially at times of prayer.  You can contact us at any time for an informal chat about who we are and our charism or simply about where you feel the Lord might be calling you.