Anglo-Irish and Scottish Province

Formation Process

A vocation, is a calling from God, and demands a free response and total dedication from those who receive it.  Every effort must be made to help one to become aware of their calling, and to follow it with enthusiasm.

In order to best discern one’s calling it is best to be truthful about all aspects of one’s life that are called into question. This openness goes both ways and will aid the discernment process.
It is good to spend periods of time within the communities, getting to know the way of life. This is also a way for the community to get to know the searcher too.

A Prayer For Guidance

The first step for guidance is prayer, trusting that God will lead you wherever is best for you. God wants your happiness and will lead you into a way of life that will make you happy.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
I praise you. Purify my soul,
Live in me, and love through me.
Show me how to serve you peacefully today
And lead me along the path in my life
That will give most glory to you. Amen.