Anglo-Irish and Scottish Province

Typical Day in a Friar’s Life

What is a typical day in a friar’s life?

  • While the schedules from one friary to another may vary a little, according to the friaries and make-up of a particular community, they will all share a basic structure which is comprised of a few key elements: – Daily Mass – Liturgy of the Hours – Two hours of mental prayer – Scheduled recreation – Community meeting
  • Weekends may also vary a bit as ordained members are called upon to serve the local church, celebrating the Holy Mass for the people of God, in parishes or for other religious communities. In general, the atmosphere of the friaries is quiet and prayerful. The Friars arrange their work schedules around the community acts of prayer, recreation, and meals. In most friaries we spend between three and four hours in formal prayer (including Mass, Liturgy of the Hours, and mental prayer).
  • Since this is a principal part of our service to the Church as contemplatives, we seek to balance the demands of the community and ministry so to assure the primacy of this prayer in our life.