Anglo-Irish and Scottish Province

The Carmelite Life

The Carmelites Life is the life for me

Our ‘pattern of life ’is outlined in the Rule of St Albert. This remains basically the rule that governs our life today, calling us principally:

  • To live in allegiance to Jesus Christ, serving him with a pure heart and a good
  • conscience, looking to him alone for salvation, as we obey our superior in a spirit of faith
  • To reflect on Our Lord in the Scriptures, so that the word of God may be always in our hearts and on our lips, and guide us in everything we do
  • To come together daily for the celebration of prayer and the Eucharist
  • To put on the armour of God, faith, hope and charity, in a spirit of evangelical self-denial and a generous commitment to work
  • To enter into a genuine sharing of life in fraternal love, having at heart the good of the community and the salvation of souls
  • To hold everything in common ownership
  • Above all to lead a life of unceasing prayer in silence and solitude, in accordance with the gospel which tells us to watch and pray
  • To use prudent discretion in all that we do