Anglo-Irish and Scottish Province



The Anglo-Irish Province of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites recognises and upholds the dignity and rights of all children and is committed to ensuring their safety and well-being.  Friars of the Anglo-Irish Province and their co-workers have an obligation to ensure that the fundamental rights of children are respected.

The members of the Anglo-Irish Province recognise that each child should be cherished and affirmed as a gift from God with an inherent right to dignity of life and bodily integrity, which shall be respected, nurtured and protected by all.

The Anglo-Irish Province undertakes to do everything possible to create safe environments where the welfare of children and young people is paramount

In partnership with their primary carers, the Anglo-Irish Province encourages and values the involvement of children and young people in liturgies and activities that enhance their spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual development.

This Safeguarding Policy adheres to the principles and guidelines set out in: “Safeguarding Children: Standards and Guidance Document for the Catholic Church in Ireland” (2008) as well as the civil laws and guidelines of the two jurisdictions on the island of Ireland.

The Province is committed to:

  • Best practice to ensure that children are listened to and treated with respect, and have both their rights protected and their welfare promoted.
  • Minimizing risks in order to safeguard the interests of children.
  • Ensuring that all OCD friars, staff and volunteers are carefully recruited, selected, trained, supported and supervised.
  • Providing appropriate support for survivors of child sexual abuse.
  • Providing appropriate training for members.
  • Working in partnership with statutory authorities for the prompt, just and professional management of complaints.
  • Making this Safeguarding Policy widely known, accessible and understood, and implementing procedures and protocols that contribute to keeping children safe in all our OCD gatherings and activities.

The Province is also committed to

  • Providing the necessary personnel, resources and finance to ensure that it fulfils the commitments made above.

The Discalced Carmelite Safeguarding policy can be read here.